About Me

Hi – I’m Rose Dawson. Ok, that’s not my real name, but let’s suspend belief here for a moment.

I’m the Rose, that exists if Jack hadn’t died.


He survives.

We get married.

We have a child.

I work to support the whole family, while Jack does… nothing (in regards to monetarily providing for the family).

Except give excuses that is.

Oh he takes care of the child (sort of), but neglects the house, and has an attitude of negativity that fogs up the room.

Until one day… I say enough is enough.

and then …


asks for Alimony.

After sitting on his ass for years, not looking for work because menial jobs were “beneath him”.


Real Men Don’t Ask for Alimony.

Before you start screaming man hater or FemiNazi, lets get some things straight. I like men. Real men. A real man does NOT do the below –¬†Only Deadbeats and Freeloaders do.

Deadbeats and Freeloaders are:

Someone that is NOT disabled mentally or physically.

Someone that HAS marketable job skills that are of value.

Someone that chooses NOT to look for work as menial jobs are “beneath” him.

Someone who has NO interest in personal growth or advancement.

Someone who leeches off others while contributing virtually nothing in return.

Someone who is extremely lazy.

Someone who is full of excuses and short on action.


Real Men Don’t Ask for Alimony.

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